Side Hustle to Main Squeeze – Aug Cohort

Title page of Side Hustle INtensive coruse with Marie Deveaux business and leadership coach

This Is the Side Hustle Intensive

How to Dump Your Job and Build a Business that Loves You Back

Business Strategy, Supportive Community, 1:1 Support

Business Coaching

Use this time to go over any question you have about the course content, work through any current challenges to growing your business and get 1:1 specific instructional time with Marie to execute your strategy.

Community Q&A

We have biweekly live Q&A calls where you can ask questions, get support from other entrepreneurs, and hear what others are during to succeed in their business transitions.

Think Like A Boss

Quit your job and blow up your business!

Stop thinking like an employee and step into your Boss mindset. Leverage your full time job to build out your Side Hustle business.

Think Like A Boss

Get Supported

Turning your passions into your paycheck can be rough. But with some tools to guide you and community to cheer you on, anything is possible. Join us over at the She Runs It Community where you will meet other Women of Color (who are) leaping into entrepreneurship. Share your lessons, pick up some tips and let’s build a legacy together.

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