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Managing Diverse Teams Advanced: Building Equity into Systems and Processes

Learn how to advance personal as well as organizational wide equity and inclusion goals

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A Beginner’s Guide to Managing Diverse Teams

Become a better people manager with your own Inclusive Leader Growth Plan

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Side Hustle Bonus Bundle

Bonus resources including expert interviews, planning tools, and extra videos to deepen your experience of Side Hustle Lite

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Side Hustle Lite

The Only Self-Paced Guide for Quitting Corporate and Scaling your Side Hustle

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Title page of Side Hustle INtensive coruse with Marie Deveaux business and leadership coach

Side Hustle to Main Squeeze

12 week program to learn to create an exit plan from a corporate 9-5, while building your entrepreneurial skill set and small business plan for your passionate side hustle.

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Think Like A Boss

Stop thinking like an employee and step into your Boss mindset. Leverage your full time job to build out your Side Hustle business.

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Manager Essentials

Master flexible leadership style and effective communication to build your leadership brand AND drive performance

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The Wellspring

A deep well of Tools, Resources and Guides that keeps growing just as you do - to support the woman and the new business boss

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